Movement fundamentals - 4 phases

by Prof. Jane Hawley

You need:

  • pen & paper
  • any space to move (in your house, in the garden, in nature or of course in the dance studio)

What are the 4 phases of movement fundamentals?

Prepare. Move. Dance. Witness.


Listen also to the Podcast "Die Choreografin" In Episode Wenn Tanz Dir Deine Pattern vor die Füße wirft! she talks about the 4 phases (only in german available).

Listen also to the Podcast "Die Choreografin" In Episode  Ertanze dir deine Alltags-Experimente she talks about Movement Fundamentals and how you can create Next Culture Experiments for your daily live to explore (only in german available).

I recommend you to start with a longer version, e. g. 60 minutes to have enough time for developing an understanding of what means this phase to you. What are you doing in this mode. This might not become clear within 5 minutes. When you have clarity what are the phases about, you can easily jump in the shorter versions to have a quick warm up or half an hour to research for yourself.

I wish you a wonderful journey!

30 minutes

40 minutes

60 minutes

75 minutes

45 minutes:

90 minutes:

120 minutes:

150 minutes:

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