Every 1st Sunday of the month for two hours we experiment and share our experiences.

Virtual Jam is looking for a new spaceholder oder spaceholder team, to take care about the topics of the Jams, navigating the conversation and sending the invitations. High appreciated is to provide a conclusion of the insights and/ or results in any kind (e. g. Map, writings, video, voice messages, discussion, etc.).

Please contact

11.00 CST II 12.00 EDT II 18.00 CET

How do we create performance within this current complexity of mediations? This jam is a two hours session of one hour play and improvisation and one hour exchange, reflection, feedback, questions and a free flow conversation.

VIRTUAL JAM play & reflect offers a platform

  • for collegial exchange
  • to grow together and inspire each other
  • experiments, new formats and dive into yet unexplored aspects of virtual provided art
  • in a safe environment where artists come together and improvise, trying out new tools, new ideas, play with
    visuals, sound, movement, choreography and other elements of chance.

The Zoom-Doors will be open 15 minutes before!

It would be helpful, if you can enter before starting time, so that we can open the playground on time.

In this 15 minutes

  • you can check your tools
  • settle yourself and connect to others
  • access with the different devices you want to use.

Please note - it is active participation !!

Make it yourself comfortable, something to drink, and be prepared to show yourself on the screen, be ready to interact, to talk, to do some experiments and be aware that this format is not made for consumption from a hidden perspective.

Bring your favorite performers, the mavericks and nerds to reach high level fun accompanied by learning and experience.


Join VIRTUAL JAM. Leave your email adress and we get back to you soon.

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