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Dorothea Eitel

    Bodystudy (2) Playlist with movement proposals:

    1. Eye movement: try out all directions, up/ down, far/close, bows, circles, spots, jumps, zick-zack, … Then let the head and neck move together with the eyes, the eyes pull and mush the movement of the head and neck.2. Eyes movement are bringing the body in movement, also into the room
    3. Knee and hip joints: what movement is possible, sutra combinations are interesting ? On spot and into space.
    4. Give you an impulse of swing and see how far the energy goes, how the energy can spread into the body. Realize the change of active part to passive part. When is the energy used up? Where comes the new impulse from?
    5. 5 points: big toes, middle fingers and top of the head. In-between: create sculptures of transforming and morphing tension.
    6. The body brings itself into movement by sliding, nudging, carrying, guiding, throwing. Not only hands, try to use all possible parts of the body to do that. Start with hands and arms to understand the idea.
    7. Focus on elbows and knees and the principal and pushing out of the floor and sinking into the floor.
    8. Combine the quality of floating and keeping balance, on spot and into space.
    9. The two parts of he lung are in duet with the sternum.
    10. Wring different parts of the body. Wander from part to part, bring parts in opposite wringing, wring into the body and reach out n wringing quality.
    11. Indexfinger and sternum move together. Interpret the coquettish mood of the music.
    12. Your whole body is full of butterflies. How can you walk?

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