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Choreographer/ Performer/ Author and Spaceholder

She is a daring, choreographing and performing life artist, a singing and writing maverick, a visionary, possibiltator and never runs out of ideas.
Dorothea is an expert for collective and co-creative processes and collaboration and her super power is to empower people.

In 2017 she started traveling all over the world, especially to observe intentional communal living and study the wisdom of rituals and collective wisdom. She shares her work in many different countries with very diverse people and groups in all kinds of contexts.

In her creation work, workshops and seminars she creates personal and social experiential spaces at the contact point of art-context- communication and opens spaces for personal growth.

Now she is bringing all this together in a self-sustainable community for artists and people, who want to live their full potential to live, work together and empower each other in the context of radical self-responsibility. One focus is to explore next culture performance and create completely new kinds of art environments.

Her „everything is possible“ mentality, which she draws from her positive force of anger, combined with her critical mind have already produced exceptional, thought-provoking projects.

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