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Dorothea Eitel

    Bodystudy (30) Playlist with movement proposals:

    1. Create lines in your body to stretch. You can use counter tension, leaning or even use the floor or the wall to find different lines to stretch.

    2. Unfold you body like a just finished butterfly unfold itself from the cocoon. Widen, reaching in softness and fluffiness. Shake it out softly from the different joints.

    3. Shoulders, hip joints and knees are dancing in dialogue.

    4. Hands and feet on the floor, your center is up and leads the movement. Explore between hands/ feet far away from each other, very close and everything in between. Center can face down to the floor and up to the ceiling.

    5. Push your center with help of hands on the floor either wide into the space or up high to the ceiling. Legs kann lead the center in different directions. Use the momentum to fly and slide easily through the air as long as possible. Play with twists of the center.

    6. Pick fictive things out of the air and put them into different parts of your body. What happens there?

    7. Hold yourself on just one leg and play with the rest of your body around. The leg can be stretched, bended/ foot can be flat or pointed, upper body can be up or up side down. Create sculptures and hold it, then change the forms many times. Change leg.

    8. Move into different kinds of arch. Rib cage up, chin up. Make the arch shape bigger by starting the arch from your hips/ center, from your knees, from your foot joints, with pointed toes, play withe the level of arch. Symmetrie, asymmetric, leaning right and left. Different combinations of arch lines: stretch, bended, different focus, different line.

    9. Lean and fall into the space: follow different lines within your body. How to start? How to stop? How do you change directions? What brings you to stop and change direction?

    10. Impulses created with all possible parts of your body leading away from your body. You can create chains within your body and play with time and rhythm. Then collapse in your body and start the next impulse chain.

    11. Play with expanses in your body. This can be physical parts or created by space in-between the physical parts. This expanses are leaning against imaginary areas in the air. You are hold by them.  Nestle yourself into it in different alignments into space.

    12. Stand upright with your arms raised. Breath slowly. With every breath out you release your body a little bit more. Lead yourself into a small package on the floor by using slow motion. Step by step come more in relaxation state. Be aware, where you still has to hold. Some positions have a  lot of tension and need a lot of support. Relax into it. Then lead yourself from the package to a flat lying position on the floor, all the weight goes into the floor.

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