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Dorothea Eitel

    Bodystudy (31)”casual and cozy” – Playlist with movement proposals:

    1. Investigate the connection and cooperation of ankle, knee and hip joints: first on spot, later by stepping through the space. Both legs to the same time and  standing on one leg, forwards, backwards, sidewards, symmetrical and asymmetrical.

    2. Print and draw with imagined water color on your feet patterns and structures on the floor: use different parts of your foot to print, play with weight, surface structure ⟶  imagine preciously how the print would look like depending on your physical action. Slide, slip, circle, brush and create a drawing on the whole floor in the space. Use toe, instep, edge, heel, point, different toes. Play therefore with distance, direction, shape.

    3. Keep the idea of drawing a wate cooler picture on the floor, but now the foot brush is guided by your arms (pushing, swinging, pulling) and the feet follow by letting the impulses through the whole body towards the feet.

    4. Move your organs and imagine, that they are connected with a line with your legs, so that the legs follow their movement as reaction from pushing, pulling, stretching, squeezing, counter-tension of your organs.

    5. Feathers around you: catch them and throw up gain, let they slide over your body. Use the whole body and all imaginable parts of it to nudge it very soft into the space in different directions. Accompany some for a while, let them dance on your body.

    6. Soft but high jumps, soft ankles: both legs to o the same time, on one leg, changing legs. Back and forth, right, left, cross, play with distance.

    7. Reach out into space with different parts of your body. Root parts of your body in the floor or in the air.

    8. Shoulders: softly up/ drop down with all the weight. Up/ down, rolling forwards/ backwards, moving in opposite. Later include also your head in the movement. Then: shoulders bring rib cage in all possible positions and directions: extend, stretch, squeeze, twist.

    9. Lift your rib cage, spread your arms, keep this position. All the rest of your body hangs with ease on your rib cage ⟶  imagine, everything float into the air, even though  of course you are standing on your legs. Remember the joint connection from the first task and let your downer side play and dance with the idea of joint cooperation. After the break in the music: become earthier. Slowly, step by step let sink the rib cage and arms. The rib cage guide the movement of the legs. Later keep the guiding of the rib cage, keep the ease, keep the floating, but become smaller and smaller with the rib cage movement until it’s not visible anymore, but still feelable for you and active legs.

    10. Imagine you move yourself through mercury, it’s everywhere around you in every single crack of your body. It gives you a little weight all the time, so you need continuously a little resistance to stand against it and move your body. Move in medium slow motion into space and through space, feel the resistance all the time, never stop, you are continuity, be aware of your full shape and how it looks like in the mid of mercury.

    11. All possible top points and edge points of your body dab softly dots into the air.

    12. Imagine yourself in the middle of steam. Bathe into it. Mov the steam, breath steam in and let it move you from inside, breath it out and move the steam around you with your breath. You form the steam and the steam forms you.

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