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Dorothea Eitel

    Bodystudy (74) – Playlist with movement proposals:

    1. Move by using amble, move while not mixing right and left side very precise. In all other aspects you are free. How can you move into space, within your body?
    2. Dust wiping with different body parts. Find different quality of wiping dust. Apply them on different body parts and use the space around you. Use your imagination to create different things to wipe the dust off.
    3. Bodyparts transport other body body parts, like: the hand transports your upper leg. The hand transports your lower arm. The instep of your right foot transports your sole of your left foot. Your shoulder transports your ear. Your hip bone transports your elbow. Your sternum transports your little finger. Your feast transports your gut.
    4. Use the plane quality of sliding. Slide with your whole body into the space on the floor as well as only slide with different parts of your body into the space, also in the air. Using the quality of sliding also within your body. Slide from upper part to lower, from right to left or set 2 points and slide in between. You can also experiment with combinations of these possibilities.
    5. Jump: Start with both feet parallel and experiment then with: distance and placing of the feet, shift weight, bending knees, hip joins to create different shapes and dis balance. Then use Alos your center to give different directions and turns in your jumps.
    6. Move with guiding point in your body. Only one specific part per time gives the direction of the movement while the rest of the body just follows. Name precisely every change of your guiding point. You can either decide the change and name it our realize your unconscious change and name it then. Don’t cheat. If you have quick changes, be quick in naming!
    7. Pick something from the air and put in into a part of your body. This body part moves with this „thing/s“ inside. It can either stay there or wander/move within your body. This „things“ can be anything and the reaction within your body aligns to that, it could be e. g. an iron bar you put inside your spine, a wooden block, you put into your center, a thunderbolt that brings the energy into your arm and from there it will be transfer to other body parts or a bunch of butterflies you put in your right shoulder and from there they travel through your body and linger at some parts.
    8. Keep balance in postures: Both feet on point or only one foot (point or flat) on floor. Create postures and hold it. If you have a good balance challenge yourself by slightly moving to dangerous postures. You can increase, move your center in the same posture, bring parts out of balance. Play and don’t be afraid of falling.
    9. Lie down on the floor with your back  and let you move only by using your legs. The rest of the body can follow passively. E. g. sliding, swinging, pushing, pilling, use  your joint, let gravity work, use run-up.
    10. Dance a trio with your two hip joints and your nose.
    11. Use all techniques and quality from this session so far, pure as well as in combinations. Be conscious about what you use and how you combine them.
    12. Collect energy from the earth, from high up and the air around you and bring it into your body by rubbing it in, sliding it from up to down or from down to up or massaging it in. Assure that you provide in every single part pf your body some energy.

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