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Dorothea Eitel

    Bodystudy (80) – Playlist with movement proposals:

    1. Let impulses come from all possible parts of/ in your body and follow the consequences of the the impulse. Don’t do more than it has as consequence and don’t do more than the energy carried. Also don’t do less, means, don’t stop the consequences.
    2. Reaching out and stretch. Hold strichtet in all possible and impossible positions/ postures/ shapes.
    3. Play with the principal of turn in and turn out with all your joints.
    4. Your center and head are working together to bring you wide into space and to move on all 3 levels (floor/ medium/ standing).
    5. Play with your legs by jumping, circling, swinging, using your center helps for that.
    6. Move forward in a row from A to B and and with a pose. Use whatever to make your row and aiming the goal. Never repeat the same movement. Use also walking backwards, sidewards, alle level. Play with attitude, characters, personalities to catch up a lot of variants.
    7. Stand in a bubble in the size of your reach. Draw the inside of the bubble while using your arms, hands, fingers, elbows and all kinds and parts as paint brush. Use a big variety of techniques: panting, brushing, hurling, dabbing, striking, pushing, throwing, rubbing, circling. Dots, sparkles, surfaces, shapes, lines, etc.
    8. Feasts and heels are working together to make the body move in-between and into the space.
    9. Use all tasks you used so far today and play with them. Be aware and clear about what technique/ principal you are using right now. Play also with very fast changes. Adapt the techniques and principals also to different spaces or different parts of the body, combine them. Be always precise and clear about what you are doing. To become ore precise and getting more clarity you can speak out, what you are doing.
      ⟶ Additional for groups or train with a buddy:  Partner A is doing the exercise and Partner B names the technique/ principal. Play song number 9 a second time and change roles. Here you get great feedback, how precise you are.
    10. Walk slowly to the beat. Feel precisely how the foot is rolling over the floor, takes off and comes back. Which parts of he foot have contact. Feel all the nuances. Play with backwards and sidewards. Than align the rest of the body by slowly integrate all the joints from the lowest to the upper parts and the center, the shoulder girdle, the head. Stand still, aligned, open.


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