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Dorothea Eitel

    Bodystudy (85) – Playlist with movement proposals:

    1. Shaking, start with let fall of your center, fixed feet on the floor, later use arms in different directions.
    2. Push your loosen arms and legs into the space in all different directions, be gentle and soft and centered with your upper body.
    3. twist and wring: explore this quality in all parts of your body as well es the passing from one part to the other, when you reached the limit. Play around with full body, body sections, body parts and all direction. Into the floor, towards the ceiling, into the air and within the body.
    4. Catch the walking rhythm of the music and play with all kinds of direction change:
    – half, quarter, full turn
    – lead by one foot, 2 feet
    – forwards, backwards, sidewards, circles
    – jumping, sliding, stepping, throwing, …
    – streichet or bindend knees
    – suddenly, surprisingly, planned
    – kick/ impulses and follow
    – ….
    5. Circles: draw circles with all possible and impossible parts of your body (also inside parts) in all possible aspects, all sizes, all levels/obliqueness/ pitches. Combine different circles in contrary aspects. Let all circles be smooth, perfectly round and without interruption in your execution process.
    6. Floor level & low level: use only your center and your legs to switch between that 2 levels. Use gravity, swing, leading, pushing for roles, jumps and smoothly coming up and down. Don’t use hands, are, head on the floor at all. It’s correspondences from your center and your legs.
    7. Imagine your own world of geometric drawings and objects (2-/3-dimensional). They are all around you and you can also be inside of them. You can touch the to push you or to move them, you can use them to lean on them, lay on them (—> imagine that they really carry your weight, that changes your physical ability).  You can dance a duet with moving objects. The objets/ drawings can change shape and size: either you manipulate them or use them as fix or movable surrounding you have to adapt.
    8. How moves a bored, lazy and des-interested body? Use also face and gestures.
    9. Up and down all levels with full mission of your center. All impulses come from your center and lead you continually up and down. You can jump, slide, fall, using gravity and off-balance, fly. You van use arms/ hands on the floor and arme/ legs/head to support the changes of levels.
    10. reach & let go: reach out with one body part until the final end (not give up before), then release and let the escaping energy reacting fully out, but not more. Reach out with an anchor in the floor or within your body. Or have 2 points as anchor within your body or floor and body. The reaching can go into the air in all directions or take place between 2 spots in your body.
    11. Full power and fun in twisting up and down and jumping. Be creative with your legs and arms, flying legs, moving arms. If you dance within a group, have  duets with different partners.
    12. Start in standing and deconstruct little by little your body until you lie on the floor (belly or back). Meanwhile you stop in positions where you feel tense or pain, on positions to stretch or on positions you want to give more space. Help pit with your breath leading in this parts.



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