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    • Bodystudy Please add your own "research-task-lists" to the playlists or/and add your own playlists to this topic.    What is Bodystudy? Bodystudy is an open method, based on exploration and improvisation tasks. As everybody is his/her own guide and observer this method is the same profitable for professional dancers and non-professionals. It can support meticulous exploration as well as justing having fun in moving your body. It works with the focus on somatic observation and creative exploration. It can break habitual patterns of movement, trains different movement qualities and at the same time strengthens physical and mental endurance. The method is focused on principles and deep inner perception, to get a profound understanding of yourself, the connections in your body and every new movement. By exploring your own body through inner images, imagination and by physical observation tasks you can explore the unfamiliar and surprise yourself in every moment. The music serves as a source of inspiration and at the same time trains us in its precise handling. The continuously changing instructions create a space of experience, where you can gain new physical and mental insights. Bodystudy is created by Dorothea Eitel. You find more information about this and her work on her website.    Use Bodystudy for … Warm up Relax/ Cool down getting inspired connecting a Group: Contact &Joy finding new ways coming over patterns finding new physical qualities and principal finding the individual in the general learning and getting inspired from music extending your tools and possibilities to have them in crucial moments for use   With Bodystudy you can train … Creativity to work with inner pictures and imagination to perceive deeper layers and levels of music (beyond the obvious) to transfer these on your body to let yourself fully in without breaking physical or emotional borders or just adjust to others or even denying yourself increase your presence through conscious acting and focus   Basic rules for Bodystudy 1. Don’t let yourself distract from anything through this hour (don’t drink, don’t go to toilet, don’t interrupt for nothing, no pause). Prepare to keep up with this (switch off your phone, go to toilet, organize your clothes, etc.). 2. If you don’t understand the instructions, copy what you see (in case that you doing it in a group; try to understand the rules/task by copy and observing your doing. If you only have the words to understand or even can’t copy, take what you get and make your own task out of it: what makes sende, what arouse your curiosity? It can something different as meant, but have clarity in your own instruction. Don’t just move uncouseliy. 3. Keep in mind: You are not DANCING and you don’t have to LOOOK GOOD or beautiful. We move to increase our skills and options to move. It is research and observation. 4. Move with open eyes. As this a preparation to perform and to train inner awareness and presence in the outside to the same time. 5. If you are moving in group, use copying others and getting inspired from how people move around you to extend your repertoire. I 6. Never stop, don’t fall out of the tasks. Continue in your pace and possibilities. In case you are out of breath, have insurances or are not capable to do something; adapt, but don’s skip it. Go to your personal limits, but also don’t stay under your limits :-) 7. Accept the current state and move from there. 8. The tasks build up by adding different layers or going deeper in to more levels to then same time. See, how much you can add and how much you can keep by continuing the new details. If you are overwhelmed, make a decision which parts you skip and continue with your set focus. Don’t be frustrated, if you make the task easier. It is just a current snap shot and you are in the process to develop new skills. 9. Which instructions are on autopilot and which are in focus. Can you come back to the autopilot ones in focus again? How do you choose focus? Play with being challenged and being overwhelmed and move you through with curiosity and joy.    

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      Dorothea Eitel

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